Blockchain & eCommerce (part 2)

Thursday • 08.09.22 • 18:30


Igor Alekseenko
Magento Backend Developer | IT Delight


Andrew Zabara
Magento Tech Lead | IT Delight

Igor Alekseenko has more than 11 years of experience in web development, 8 years with Magento, and for the last year he has been actively studying Blockchain and web3 development.

The first part of the event, theoretical explanations are available at the link below.

Watch Pro Magento MeetUp #6 — Blockchain & eCommerce (part 1) on YouTube

What was discussed in this event:

  • Ways to implement blockchain payment
  • Payment via Metamask
  • Creation, deployment and payment through a smart contract
  • Practice and examples
  • Q&A

Payment module in Ether via Metamask

Smart-contract test module + smart-contract example.

Watch Pro Magento MeetUp #7 — Blockchain & eCommerce (part 2) on YouTube

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