Deep dive into Magento2 message queues

Thursday • 08.12.22 • 17:00


Yevhenii Trishyn
Magento Senior Full-Stack Developer | IT Delight


Andrew Zabara
Magento Tech Lead | IT Delight

After a short break, we’re back with a new meetup!

?Topic: Deep dive into Magento2 message queues

?Speaker – Yevhenii Trishyn, Magento Senior Full-Stack Developer, IT Delight

?Moderator – Andrew Zabara, Magento Tech Lead

What we discussed:

  • What are message brokers, where and how are they used
  • AMQP protocol and its description
  • RabbitMQ and its description
  • How Magento2 works with RabbitMQ
  • Where this functionality is used in core modules
  • How to add queue support to your module
Watch Pro Magento MeetUp #9 — Deep dive into Magento2 message queues (queuing functionality)

The article “Using Redis as message broker in Magento 2” with module in the GitHub, that Yevhenii was talking about.

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